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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is the product of Japanese expert engineering and a strong desire for realistic firearms replicas. Airsoft models are 1/1 scale replicas of real-steel firearms. Unlike traditional BB guns, Airsoft guns fire a 6mm plastic projectile at speeds of up to 300 feet per second (FPS). Guns are available in three distinct types: spring operated gas operated and electric, or battery-operated.

Spring operated Airsoft guns require the user to cock the slide or bolt for each shot.

Gas operated Airsoft models use a propellant similar to CO2 known as GREEN GAS (HFC134a or HFC22 combined with a silicone lubricant). These models are semi-automatic and require the user to merely pull the trigger to expel each round. Gas guns often feature blow back action resulting the in the highly realistic cycling of the slide, very similar to the operation of a real firearm.

Battery powered Airsoft guns use a gear and piston system to expel each round. Electric models are semi- or fully automatic.

Airsoft is rapidly growing in popularity among paintball players and war gamers. Make no mistake - Airsoft is THE most accurate and realistic war gaming technology on the market today. It is for this reason that Airsoft is being adopted by tactical teams and law enforcement groups around the world for its superior delivery of force-on-force training.

H.A.R.D. Core Membership Requirements

The only membership requirements are as follows:
-Honor. I will not tollerate cheater's on my team.
-Must be 18 years old. I will allow 16 year old players if the show a higher than average maturity level. I would also request that the parent/guardian contact me to meet face to face so that I KNOW they are okay with the player joining up and travelling with a team of adults.
-Your own AEG, Battery, and magazines (at least 5 standard or 1 high cap)
-ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS!! Unless they are prescribed. I really don't care what happens away from the field, but unde NO circumstance is anyone on the team to show up to an event high...PERIOD!
-Serious about winning, but not at any cost.
-Able to make it to events and meetings on your own.


Our uniform consists of the following:
-Urban tiger stripe BDU's (tuck in top)
-Black boonie hat or Delta style helmet
-Black T-Shirt (Under Armor acceptable)
-Black trouser belt
-OD Green web gear or tac vest
-Black boots (hi-tec style)
-OD Green or Black knee & elbow pads (optional)

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