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What's New with the team

Well, everything to be honest, including our relocation and stuff on the web site. As was mentioned on the home page we are rebuilding in the wake of a family ordeal and so HARD Core has no members as of yet. If you are interested, please let me know.

Sig 552 Review

An awsome gun. When I first recieved my new 'baby' I was immediately impressed by the good looks and the solid construction. It doesnt "creak", it has a good heft to it and it feels really durable. The detail on this is amazing as well. All the logo's are there and TM even went so far as to have the real steel guns weld lines cast on the gun. Truly impressive. Playing with this gun in a CQB environment was truly a dream. The rate of fire excellent, accuracy decent and the ability to fold up the gun on tight corners saved my a$$ more than once. Overall I would recomend this gun to anyone who likes the looks. There is some internal upgrading to do though as it chronoed around 275 FPS out of the box, but hey where's the fun if you don't upgrade? ;)