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Below you'll find several links to some really good airsoft sites and event sponsors for our old op. Stay posted as this site is bound to change.

Event Sponsors

If only we had access to this sort of equipment.
Great airsoft club that runs monthly OP's for free as well as a Recondo school for a small fee
A new and totally excellent underground airsoft magazine. Very informative. Very affordable
Very informative site, with faq, reviews, and message boards

Favorite Sites

Good selection and good prices
Awesome selection and a really great staff.
A yearly event held at Ft. Ord...All urban !!!!

A group out of San Luis Obispo. They will be putting on a WW III event this upcoming January.

If you never served, give it some thought. If you're thinking of serving, check out the Army. Sorry for the plug guys, but I'm biased